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Pranav Industries is leading Rivets Manufacturers and Industrial Fasteners in Mumbai Maharashtra. Pranav Industries has been serving rivet users since it was established in 1986. During this time, Pranav Industries has grown to become a major supplier of all industries in India.

Pranav Industries's experienced service personnel are there to help.Our customers rely on us to assist with their fastening needs from the original design and prototype samples to rivet installation tools, machines and complete automated assembly equipment. We can also reduce your inventory and delivery issues by keeping parts in stock at all times and making shipments to meet your production requirements.

The commercial rivets and riveting equipment to all types of manufacturers, large and small. A major factor in this growth has been the expert advice and "old fashioned" service given to our customers. Be it an emergency supply of rivets or a repair part for a rivet machine needed right away.

We also cater Umbrella industry, Home Appliances Industry, Leather Bags Luggage/Industry, Stationary Industry, Hardware Industry, Baby Products manufactures, File Industry, Batch-Clips manufacturer, industry, Electrical parts manufacturers/assemblers, Car-Wiper Industry, Cycle Industry, Switchgears Industry, Utensils Industry, Measure tapes and tools manufacturers.

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